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Metalarm 3000 - 3500 SeriesEriez Metalarm range of metal detectors is in operation around the world protecting a wide range of machinery from damage by metal.

Suitable to detect all metals and especially designed to protect expensive machinery thus eliminating downtime, the MA 3000-3500 series is offered in different configurations to suit individual conveyor systems and optimise sensitivity. 
  • Underbelt search coil -Model TR : The sensor is designed to match the conveyor belt profile and can cope with burden heights up to 300mm when locating typical tramp metal, such as bucket teeth, large nuts, bolts, etc. A specialised series of coils is available for where idler spacing is unusually close.
  • PL plate coil - for flat conveyor belts and/or mobile crusher applications.
  • SF Plate Coil - For applications where there is a large amount of surrounding metal and/or a high level of electrical interference. The unit replaces a section of the base conveyor over a length equal to the width of the conveyor.
  • Bridge Coil - Model BR - With transmitter/ receiver mode, it is adjustable to ignore smaller pieces of metal and therefore ideal for detecting metal contamination in heavily mineralised materials.
  • BR Swing Top Coil - Featuring a suspended top for applications where unusually high burdens can arise, this search coil is recommended for use where burden heights are variable.
  • Vibratory Trough Coil - Model VC - Fitted to the base of vibratory conveyors or into the base of ‘U’ section conveyors.
Fully compliant with ‘CE’ EMC regulations as well as CSA compliant, these industrial metal detectors are offered with range of control unit models, a wide selection of search coils and various options of alarms and signal monitoring. 

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