Part of the successful range of Metalarm metal detector, the MA 3600 has been designed to offers enhanced sensitivity even at high speed belt.

MA3600 Metal Detectors


Two models are available for different sensitivity requirements:

for higher sensitivity requirements
Hawk™ for standard applications.

The main features are: 
  • Enhanced sensitivity.
  • User-friendly, simple operation.
  • A pulse induction detection system offering balanced coil sensitivity.
  • Outperforms existing pulse induction detection systems.
  • Microprocessor based system.
  • IP66 Painted or Stainless Steel (304 as standard, 316 optional) control units.
  • New upgraded belt clip facility indication as standard.
  • Automatic mains supply recognition 100VAC-240VAC (15VDV - 24 VDC also available).
  • More optional features available in modular control panel design.
The benefits are:  
  • Excellent sensitivity even at high belt speeds.
  • Highly resilient to electrical noise interference.
  • Detector can operate with variable belt speeds.
  • Able to detect metal even on steel corded belts (Hawk Model).
  • Able to operate with highly conductive products e.g. iron ore (Hawk Model). Compact design for easy installation.
  • Supplied as a flat pack and simple to assemble.
  • No need to cut the conveyor to install.
  • Atex 22 compliant models available.