Increase value of waste material through efficient sorting of metal waste. 

Metal Sorting Equipment

Eriez has developped a range of metal sorting equipement to enable scrap processors to ensure the optimum recovery of valuable metal, ferrous and nonferrous, coarse or fine. 

The metal sorting technology available from Eriez is as follows: 

Eddy Current Separators: Eriez manufacture a range of eddy current separators for the recovery onferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper, zinc from a variety of conveyed dry waste material. Click here for more information.

FinesSort® Metal Recovery Systems: Eriez FinesSort combine a ferrite magnetic drum and a rare earth magnetic drum to sort fine waste material into highly magnetic metals and weakly magnetics metals. Usually combined with an eddy current separator, a third fraction of valuable clean nonferrous metal is recovered. Click her for more information.

Shred1® Ballistic Metal Separator: Shred1 enables scrap processors to produce premium shred1 product with a low copper content as well as a more traditional shred whilst reducing the need of a hand-picking line. Click here for more information.

ProSort II© Airless Metal Separator provides an alternative to the traditional air power metal sorter operating a much lower cost. Click here for more information.

EZ-TEC 9100 - all metal separator. It is a high sensitivity all metal balanced coil technology metal separator, equipped with a quick acting pneumatic reject mechanism. It is ideally suited for industries that processes fine free flowing materials and whrere purity is primordial.