For 50mm through 100mm pipelines. Available in Ferrite, Standard and Megastrength Rare Earth, the magnetic element fits into the Grade 316 stainless steel body casting in such a way as to ensure that all of the product passing through the trap enters the strongest part of the magnetic field.

Model 'B' Range

The strength and design of the magnetic circuit ensure that any collected contaminants are held to the downstream side of the tubes, preventing the particles from being washed off.

The body contour of the trap tends to spread the material equally round the element, without restricting the flow of the material.

Operating pressures of up to 10 bar (150 psi) are standard with heavier duty models available on request. The pressure drop within the body is equivalent to a 90º bend.

All sizes have BSP threaded ends as standard, with flanges or special threads available as extras.

Easy Clean Design
Eriez 'B' Traps are also available with Easy Clean magnetic elements for complete removal of fine iron particles from an outer sleeve, thus speeding up the cleaning process and reducing downtime.

The element stud can be locked to eliminate accidental cleaning.

Water Jacketed Design
When it is essensial that the product is kept heated for it to remain fluid, e.g. honey or chocolate, a stainless steel (grade 304) water jacket can be constructed around the main body.

The BSP inlet and outlet ensures a constant flow of hot water.