Permanent magnetic drums are ideal for the automatic separation of fine iron and very weakly magnetic particles. 

Magnetic Drum Separator

They are designed for applications in the recycling industry for the removal of ferrous material from shredded automobiles, bottom ash, slag, but also in the food, ceramics, and mineral processing industry to ensure high quality end-product. 


Magnetic drums allow the processing of large quantities of bulk materials such as plastics, foods, metal powders, abrasives, glass cullet, silica sand, paper with minimal maintenance.  Magnetic drums also demonstrate a much higher level of separation compared to a magnetic pulley system. 


Eriez permanent magnetic drums are available in ferrite, rare earth or rare earth extreme and in a 3 range of diameters (305 mm / 380 mm / 610 mm) and a variety of widths to suit your feeding equipment. Our drum separators can be configured as follows: 
- Drum only
- Standard H housing complete with motors and ready for installation on your chute work.
- Housing with feed protection (HFP model) complete with motors, feed protection and discharge chutes for magnetic and non-magnetic discharge. 

A chute-type feed hopper is designed to provide increased efficiency in operation by directing the material flow to the face of the drum. By preventing the material from plunging directly onto the drum shell, it also reduces potential physical damage to the shell.

For recycling application, magnetic drum separators are commonly supplied as part of Eriez ECS module. The drum removes the ferrous particles prior to the secondary separation of non ferrous metals from non metallic materials.